Shiv Parvati Acrylic painting


Medium: Acrylics on canvas.
Dimensions: Height: 85 cm | Width: 70 cm.

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Paintings are visual artworks created through the application of pigments onto a surface, such as canvas or paper. They come in various forms, styles, and sizes, ranging from small-scale miniatures to large-scale murals. Handmade paintings refer to those that are created using traditional techniques, such as oil painting, watercolor, or gouache. Miniature art is a unique form of painting that involves creating detailed and intricate designs in a small format, often using a magnifying glass.

Acrylic painting is a modern form of painting that uses acrylic paints, which dry quickly and are water-soluble, making them easier to work with than traditional oil paints. They are often used for creating bold, vibrant, and textured paintings.

Kanta Warde is an artist who has made a significant contribution to the world of art through her unique style and approach. Her paintings are known for their vivid colors, intricate patterns, and abstract compositions, which often incorporate elements of nature and the environment. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and has received critical acclaim for its originality and creativity.