Exploring the Creative World of Kanta Warde: 

Artwork, Inspiration, and Vision

Kanta Warde is a talented artist hailing from Vadodara, with her birthplace in Beawar, Rajasthan. Despite completing her Masters in Commerce, she has always harbored a deep passion for drawing and painting since her childhood, although she never pursued it as a career.

However, the Covid-19 lockdown proved to be a turning point in Kanta’s life. She found herself with ample time on her hands and decided to explore her creativity by picking up her sketch papers, colors, and paintbrushes. To her amazement, her very first painting turned out to be a masterpiece, and Kanta realized that she had a natural talent for painting.

Since then, Kanta has been painting in different modes and thoroughly enjoying the process. She has never taken formal lessons but believes that her inner voice guides her in creating art and experimenting with colors. Painting has taught her the value of time, nature, and self-expression. She believes that age is just a number, and she has found her true calling in life as an artist.

Kanta believes that there cannot be another life but to play around with white paper, talking to colors to put life in the sketch. She feels alive as she understands that life is better when one is an artist.

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